Portable presents – Brooks Atwood


Portable presents – Brooks AtwoodInspiration

by sarah on June 7, 2013 with 0 comments

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend to attend a talk by US designer Brooks Atwood, presented by Portable at ACMI in Melbourne.
His energy and enthusiasm for design is something I aspire to – especially as a lecturer.
He inspired me to play around and experiment with design a little more. One of the things that stood out for me in his talk was that

“You can never do anything innovative if you have a preconceived idea of the outcome.”

Here’s a talk he did for Creative Mornings in New York that gives a tiny glimpse into what he talked about at ACMI.

Happy New Year ATOM music video


Happy New Year ATOM music videoAnimation

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Going through the archives of some old work today and found this clip from 2007. This is the music video for Yidcore’s song ‘Happy New Year ATOM’, which was made by Michael Hill & Yeap Heng Shen… and I’m in the kangaroo suit.
This music video was made using the animation technique of pixelation – essentially stop motion frame-by-frame animation using people. Not a quick technique and not one I’d do again quickly on a 35 degree day inside a big padded kangaroo suit!
In one of the shots you can kind of see a polling booth in the background. We filmed this the weekend of the Federal election and voted in animal suits!

Hump Day Links: 8-5-13


Hump Day Links: 8-5-13Hump Day Links

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Coding is the must have skill of the future. I sent this to my students and they ignored me. One day….

New character posters for the upcoming season of Arrested Development

Design tip: Never use black – something I need to keep reminding myself too!

Generated Paper – printable templates for grid papers, wireframing templates and more

OpenLAB with ENESS (projection tech) ETHNO TEKH (oculus rift, kinect)

Creative Mornings with Beci Orpin on the topic of Happiness

Hump Day links: 27-3-13


Hump Day links: 27-3-13Hump Day Links

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Work is completely crazy at the moment. Between a nightmare project and my students having a mini meltdown over the thought of handing in their first Flash animations, there has not been much time for the internet. That’s what tram trips are for!
I feel like I haven’t yet had time to let the BHB conference settle into my brain (maybe in May I will have a chance to do that…)

Here’s a couple of things that have caught my eye this week though