Secret Handshake

‘Secret Handshake’ was a monthly animation night I ran at Loop Bar in Melbourne until the end of 2010. Each month, animators from all around the world created a short animation upon a given topic which was then screened and voted upon by the audience.

Each month I created a Keynote presentation which controled the playing of the trailer, submitted entries and other details, videos & graphics. After each event, I updated the Youtube channel with all the submitted entries, which is then embedded on the main website. I am also responsible for marketing and advertising the event through social media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – as well as arts related websites and publications.

I also experimented with live broadcasting the events using UStream and allowing people to view the events in real time on our website and use chat facilities to vote online during the live voting time. 

All the past entries from Secret Handshake are available to view here –