I’ve been experimenting with low-fi homemade screenprinting. Results aren’t quite there yet but it’s a good start.

First I started with tracing the design onto some meshy curtain material, which was held and stretched with a plastic embroidery frame. I then painted all the non-design area with glue.

Once that was dry, I made some tests on scrap fabric. For the first half of the alphabet, I painted with a paint roller. The result was messy and grungy, but I kind of like it. You can see all the parts that hadn’t been glue-painted properly. Next time I do it, I’ll mix some paint i with the glue so I can see where I’ve painted. This glue dried clear and once it started drying, I couldn’t tell if it had been done properly.
The second half of the alphabet was done by painting on with a paintbrush. The result was a lot neater, but the paint was a lot thicker too.